10 Musicians I have seen and outlived

1. Chubby Checker – early 60s, Odessa, Texas.
2. Dean Martin – never saw him sing, but I saw him strolling through the OCC in the mid 60’s, during their annual golf tournament. Dino died on Christmas day 1995.
3. Jim Morrison – The Doors at Memorial Auditorium, Dallas Tx, July 1968. He OD’d in 1971.
4. Jimi Hendrix- Aug 3 1968, Moody Coliseum (basketball arena) on the SMU campus, Dallas Tx. One year before Woodstock. He set his guitar on fire, played it behind his back. He was the best. OD’d in 1970.
5. Ike Turner – New Year’s Eve 1970, Dallas Convention Center, with Tina of course. He died but I don’t really care when or how he died.
6. Richard Wright – founding member of Pink Floyd. Saw them live at McFarlin Auditorium (a 1600 seat venue on the SMU campus), Dallas Texas. Circa 1970. He died in 2008 of cancer.
7. Stan Getz – saw him at the Mountain Winery concert in Saratoga, CA in the late 80s. Died of liver cancer in 1991.
8. Ricky Nelson – saw him at the Willie Nelson July 4th, 1974 picnic at the Texas Motor Speedway, College Station, TX. He died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve 1985. Cocaine won’t kill you unless you’re sharing lines with your pilot – in a thunderstorm.
9. David Carradine – yep Kung Fu. He and then-wife Barbara Seagull Hershey showed up at the same Willie Nelson picnic with a band. They sucked. In 2009, he choked himself choking his chicken in a Thailand hotel room.
10. Walter Hyatt – founded Uncle Walt’s Band with David Ball and Des Champ Hood. The best troubadour trio ever. I saw them often on Greenville Ave in Dallas and in Austin. Thank goodness I digitized their albums. Walt died went down on in the Everglades on Value Jet Flight 592 in 1996.

Performers I wish I had seen live but never will:
Frank Sinatra, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Amy Winehouse (that crazy bitch could really sing)


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