The Impossible Dream

The title of Bob Herbert’s op-ed in today’s New York Times. The Impossible Dream is the belief that America will continue to lead the world in this century as we did in the last. It’s a good read. Here’s my letter to the editor.

Many people believe America’s best days are behind us. Personally I hear this often from friends who are baby-boomers and seniors. The average Tea Party member is reported to be a baby-boomer, and their frustrations are couched in negativity.

As Mr Herbert’s essay states, America’s best days are still in front of us. Unemployed boomers have reason to be depressed in this economy – too old to find work and too young to rely on social security or medicare. Seniors are pessimistic simply because there is more life behind them than in front. History is often rosier in memory than in fact.

In the last century, America led the world in scientific breakthroughs and technology development (nuclear physics, electronics, radio, lasers, computing, etc.) The next century will see the combinations of technology (Internet, biology, computing, energy, etc.) in ways “us old folks” cannot imagine or appreciate. America will lead the world to this future as well.

November 2010

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