A low tech website in a high tech market?

High technology products for computing, communications, instrumentation and industrial equipment, etc., are designed by engineers. There is no shopping cart on a website for products or services that cost $10,000+. To borrow a term from Jeff Thull, author of The Prime Solution, selling software, design services, intellectual property, sub-systems, etc., is a complex sale. The goal is to establish value for your products and services. In high tech, that cycle starts with getting an engineer to take interest.

Historically this happens by demonstrating your products or services at trade shows or through direct sales contacts. While effective the “cost per lead” can be several hundred dollars. Leads generated through a website can be an order of magnitude less – if you know how. The process can be viewed a funnel.

Awareness – Can engineers find your website?

Interest – Do they explore or bounce?

Desire – Do you “educate” them adequately to take the next step?

Action – Do you convert them into a lead for the sales team?

The AIDA acronym is ~100 years old but still relevant

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