SmartPhone, SmartTV, SmartEverything


In only a few years, the Smartphone has become the personal computer of over one billion people. Another billion will be added in the next few years. The success is not merely due to the electronics in the phone, but the infrastructure of cloud services, applications and storage that allow personal computing devices to pervade and enhance our lives.

The technology inside today’s smartphones is comprised of ARM-based and Intel CPUs, graphics and video engines (GPUs), Mobile Interface IP, Memory components, peripherals, and wireless access devices (e.g. Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth). Mobile Interface IP is governed by Standards, and optimized for low power consumption with high performance.

This same technology is now moving into a range of products beyond phones – powered by batteries or the grid – like wearable accessories, SmartTVs, SmartCars, SmartHomes, etc. These products will expand rapidly as the ecosystem evolves. The common denominator in these products is the same mobile computing Silicon IP that powers Smartphones. The AppleTV is just an iPhone without the cellular radio. The Samsung Chromebook has the same chipset as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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