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Snapchat Geo Filter Ideas: How to Get Creative and Stand Out


Snapchat is a wildly popular app for sending photo messages, but it’s also recently come under fire for its lack of filters. Users have grown to depend on the variety of camera effects available on other platforms, like Instagram and Facebook. But many users aren’t seeing much innovation with their Snapchat accounts, either thematically or in terms of what they can filter. That’s where geofilter ideas come in handy! Creative designers and marketers are starting to see this as an opportunity to stand out from the competition by providing users with new and innovative ways to use Snapchat. These ideas revolve around incorporating your brand into a snapcode that users can add to their snaps when traveling somewhere interesting, like a specific event or festival.

How to get creative with Snapchat geofilters

The first step to getting creative with a Snapchat geofilter is to look at the current state of the app. Just like any other platform, Snapchat images need to be kept to a specific length. If you’re using photos, keep them under 10 seconds. If you’re creating a video, stay under 10 seconds as well. Breaking these guidelines will cause your images to be automatically deleted. Once you’ve looked at the current state of the app, you can begin to get creative. You can find creative inspiration in other brands on Snapchat. Brands like General Mills and Trump University have incorporated fun themes and filters into their geofilters that users have grown to love. Other brands have created filter concepts that revolve around their own history. Using your brand’s history as a starting point allows you to create something that is meaningful to your customers.

Take inspiration from other brands on Snapchat

One of the best ways to get creative with a Snapchat filter is to look at other brands and see what they’re doing. Many Snapchat users are constantly looking at different brands on the app, and they’ll notice what others are doing. This not only allows you to get creative with your filter, but it also gives you the opportunity to incorporate your brand into a snapcode. You can also look at other platforms and see what other brands are doing. Instagram recently introduced Boomerangs, which allow users to create cinematic-style photos. Boomerangs are similar to Snapchat’s lenses, so you can see other brands experimenting with this format.

Provide users with a reason to visit an event or location

You may want to offer users with a reason to visit an event or location. For example, if a popular music festival is coming to town, you can create a Snapchat filter that tells people to go to the festival. The Snapchat code can include the name of the festival, the dates of the event, and other details that may encourage users to attend. This type of filter could only be created with a Snapchat geofilter. These filters allow brands to create custom Snapcodes that only work in a specific geographical area. This means that the code will only appear in the designated location. This can be useful for events that have a geographic location, such as a festival or sporting event. If you have the funds to create a custom Snapchat geofilter, you can provide users with an incentive to visit a certain location. For example, a business may want to create a Snapchat filter that encourages people to visit their store or restaurant at a specific time of day.

Use your brand’s history to inform the design of your geofilter

When creating your Snapchat filters, you can use your brand’s history to inform the design. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you can create a filter that shows off the history of your restaurant. This can include details like the type of food served or even the menu item. Your brand’s history can inform your Snapchat filter as well. If your brand is well-known for its history, you can create a filter that shows off the history of your company. This can include images of your founder, images of your logo, images of your building, or even a video of your founder talking about your company.

Final Words

Snapchat has been a game-changing platform for businesses to communicate with their customers. With an endless amount of content creators, the platform has grown into a potent marketing tool. But much like any platform, Snapchat is in need of more innovation. With the app’s recent changes in how you can use it, there has been a decrease in creativity as well as a decrease in user engagement. As brands struggle to stand out in a saturated market, it’s important to get creative with your Snapchat marketing. These tips can help you get started with creative Snapchat marketing ideas.

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