The Difference Between Adobe Illustrator and Canva


The Difference Between Adobe Illustrator and Canva: Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Both Adobe Illustrator and Canva are online graphic design software that can be used to create logos, websites, social media posts, business cards and more. They are similar in a lot of ways: Both are user-friendly, both allow users to upload images from their computer or take a photo directly from their camera, and both have certain pre-made templates that make it easy for you to get started. However, they also have different features that set them apart. Both programs are great for beginners who are new to graphic design and don’t have much experience yet with programs like this. However, there are some subtle details that might help you decide which program is the best fit for you.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics design software that most notably allows you to create logos, complicated designs for posters and website images. It’s a popular program for graphic designers, especially when creating high-quality logos for businesses. This program is not meant for designing any kind of website; rather it is used for the creation of logos, posters, and promotional images. The Adobe Illustrator program is a lot more complex than Canva, and is a more suitable option for people who have a background in design. It has a very robust tool set, letting you create and manipulate many different elements within your design, such as lines, shapes, different colours, and fonts. It’s also a lot more expensive than Canva, with the cheapest plan for a month costing $19.99/month.

Canva: Basics

Canva is an online graphic design software that allows you to create logos, social media posts, websites, and more. It’s often recommended as a beginner-friendly and user-friendly software. It has over 1,300 pre-made templates, and it is easy to select the one that is best for you and the project you are working on. You can also easily add and edit pictures, text, and different types of graphic elements, such as graphs and shapes. You can even add emojis or GIFs to your designs. Canva’s online design editor doesn’t allow you to create anything too complicated or detailed. It is best for creating simple and clean designs, like a logo or social media posts. You can’t create a complicated design or something too detailed or intricate; it’s just not possible with this software. It’s a great option for someone who is just getting started with graphic design and doesn’t want to invest a lot of money in software.

Canva: Pros

- Easy to Use: Canva is very beginner friendly, with easy to follow menus and simple instructions that anyone can understand. The design editor is also very easy to navigate and use, without any complicated features or buttons that are hard to find. Canva is also easy to share your designs, whether you want to send them to friends, use them for social media, or even create a website with them. - Pre-Made Templates: There are many different templates on Canva that you can use for any type of project, from creating a logo to designing social media posts. Selecting a template is as easy as clicking the one you want and then customizing it to fit your needs and your specific project. You can also use Can-Edit to create your own custom templates, and then save them to use again in the future. - Lots of Design Options: You can create designs for many different projects with Canva, such as a website or a poster. You can even create a GIF or an emoji with your pre-made designs, or create your own custom design of an emoji or GIF. - Cost: Canva is free to use.

Canva: Cons

- Not Designed for Complex Images: Canva is not designed for creating complicated images or designs. It is best used for simple designs, like logos, posters, or social media posts. You won’t be able to create an extremely detailed image or something with a lot of layers or intricate designs. - Does Not Offer Many Features: Canva does not offer many features, letting you create different types of designs and images. It is best for creating simple designs and does not have many options for creating more complicated designs. - Does Not Have a WYSIWYG Editor: Unlike Adobe Illustrator, Canva does not have a WYSIWYG editor, so you can’t see what your design will look like until you are finished and have saved it. - Does Not Offer as Many Fonts: Canva does not offer as many fonts as Adobe Illustrator. You can only choose from a certain selection, so you don’t have as much freedom to choose any font you want.


Both Adobe Illustrator and Canva are great options for any beginner who is interested in designing logos, websites, or social media posts. They are both easy to use, and let you create simple and clean designs that are perfect for the average user. However, they are different in many ways, too, so it’s important to understand the differences between them. Canva is best for creating simple designs and is designed for beginners. It is easy to use, let’s you create designs for many different projects, and is free to use. Adobe Illustrator is more complex and is designed for users who have a background in design. It is more expensive than Canva, but offers more features and is more suitable for creating more complicated and intricate designs.

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